Wild Bloom

Wild Bloom - Yesihaveablog | The wild bluebells of Norfolk, England bloom between April and May

Wild Bloom


Delve deep amongst the winter-bleached trees,

to where the sunlight has begun to breathe new light and life

unto the forest floor.

It’s a rich hue that will lure you in,

not chintzy like a cluster of forget-me-nots;

vivid, intense;

a sign of something deeper at work.


Wind a little further along that woodland path,

a delicate patchwork of purple enticing you in;

you’ll know when you’re there.

At the blazing heart of the forest.


No dusty lilacs or powder-room purples dwell here.

Just a colour so wild it’s almost unnatural.

Almost electric.

Crackling over the hillside and down into the distance.


How to put into words the power of those fragile ‘bells.

Individually perfect, collectively intense.

Deep but not brooding.

Over-saturated against to the washy woodland;

rippling through the forest, sounding the season’s change.


Wild Bloom - Yesihaveablog | Wild flowers taking over the forest floor

This poem was inspired by my most recent trip to seek out the annual wild bloom of bluebell flowers that takes place across Britain’s woodland area during the months of April and May. If you would like to read more about where I have found these flowers in Norfolk, England then you can read my posts ‘Where to See Wild Bluebells in Norfolk‘ and ‘Wild Bluebells of Foxley Wood‘.

I always try to visit a new spot each year so if you have any suggestions about great places to see wild bluebells in Norfolk (or anywhere else for that matter) then please feel free to leave destinations and pictures in the comments section below.

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Wild Bloom - Yesihaveablog | A journey along a woodland path to seek out the wild flowers of Norfolk, England | Wild Bluebell Flowers in Britain | Wild Woodland Walks





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