Lets Run Away To Paradise

Lets run away to paradise

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Wanderlust Wednesday is today inspired by this beautiful vintage inspired ‘Lets Run Away to Paradise’ world map scarf from lisaangel.co.uk

Whilst the scarf is necessary for warding off the current, unseasonably-early, autumnal chills, it is also helping to keep my adventurous spirit happy in the down time between trips. For me, 2015 is winding down and 2016 is looking like it will be a year packed with new adventures (at home and abroad); adventures that I will certainly need to get my head down and save feverishly for over the winter months so that my wanderlust fund can keep up with me in paradise.

I don’t know about you but, personally, I find myself to be quite an outdoorsy person – even if I’m exploring huge cities like London or New York, I’m happiest out and about on the avenues, waterways and footpaths, really getting to know somewhere. I, therefore, find it really difficult in the UK when our winter months roll in and, thanks to the very miserable nature of our winter weather, I find myself cooped up inside week after week, for months on end.

 Ticket to Paradise

Lets Run Away Ticket to Paradise Bookmark | The Writing Room Etsy Store | Inspirational Travel Quotes | Yesihaveablog

What better way to clear the winter blues than to have some adventures to look forward to in the spring – 1 ticket to paradise for me please! In April 2016 I will be celebrating my mother’s **th (I couldn’t possibly reveal her actual age, she’d kill me) birthday and will be joining her on a trip to Trinidad & Tobago to reconnect with family we have out there.

In September 2016 I have a family wedding to attend in The Maldives (which you can now read about in my 8 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Maldives post). Whilst I’m out there, I would really like to extend my trip so that I can meet up with one of my best friends who is currently living and working in Australia. We were initially thinking of meeting up in Bali but that’s looking a little too complicated in terms of airfare, so Sri Lanka is another possible destination – if you have any recommendations for what to do/ see/ where to stay then feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post.


The other way I try and keep my wanderlust-fund topped up is through my side hustle, The Writing Room. If you like the Ticket to Paradise Luggage Tag Bookmark I created then head over to my Etsy store for more travel & writing inspired creations.


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Lets Run Away to Paradise - Inspirational Wanderlust Travel Quotes | Yesihaveablog