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When my cousin announced that he and his fiancée were getting married in The Maldives I was faced with a bit of a dilemma; I would certainly make the effort to go to their wedding in the UK so I should probably make the international effort too.

JK, there was absolutely no dilemma whatsoever (other than the old ‘how the hell am I going to pay for this dilemma’) but as any good traveller will tell you, you can’t take money with you when you die – thank god.

The Maldives was certainly a far more luxurious trip than I would ever normally choose for myself but I was so excited to have an excuse to tick it off of my list.

Lux* Resort, South Ari Atoll – The Maldives

The wedding was hosted at the Lux* resort which can only be described as insanely luxurious. The island quite literally has everything you could possibly need for a week of relaxing and celebrating with your family; stunning sun-soaked beaches, a turquoise lagoon complete with beach bar and padi dive centre, an infinity pool, water villas, a spa, a gym (which I avoided my entire trip) and cocktails within walking distance of, well, just about anywhere on the island.

There is also a range of restaurants scattered around the resort which serve some of the best food I’ve honestly ever eaten in my life and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cocktail in the world that the bartenders can’t make (our group certainly didn’t find one).

Luxury lux paradise island maldives

Water Villa vs Beach Villa

Lux* has a mix of accommodation, with a choice of either an iconic Maldivian water villa or a beach villa nestled amongst the palm trees along the sandy shoreline of the island.

I stayed in a beach villa which was my preference because I like being surrounded by all the flora and fauna, as well as feeling like I was at the heart of the island.

Private beach paradise island lux resort maldives

Our beach villa came complete with an outside decking area to relax on as well as a miniature tropical paradise in the form of its very own palm trees to hang out under; even a slice of the never-ending  beach is mere steps away from the room; most days I found myself spoilt for choice between swimming, reading in the shade of my favourite tree or just sitting back and admiring that view.

White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Water

white sand beach turquoise sea blue skies the maldives

If you’re escaping to the Maldives because you want to soak up the sun on those infamous pristine beaches next to the stunning azure of the ocean that stretches as far as the horizon, then you won’t be left disappointed; there’s a beautiful vista to admire on every corner of the island.

blue skies beach parasol umbrella the maldives

The Thinking Tree

Luxury travel resort spa maldives lux ocean beach paradise

I wasn’t lying when I said I had a favourite tree. If you need a little head space on your trip then there are plenty of secluded spots across the island to ‘take ten’ in.

The Maldives Lux resort visit the maldives

Ultimate Relaxation – Infinity Pool, Yoga and the Spa

infinity pool luxury travel lux resort the maldives

Normally I’m much more of an ocean kind of gal but who can resist a dip in an infinity pool when it comes with views like that!

In the unlikely event that you need to take a break from all that crystal-clear water and powder-soft sand there are plenty of other things to do to keep yourself busy, or in fact, not busy at all.

At the heart of the atoll, amongst the mangroves, you’ll find a shaded area to take a yoga class first thing in the morning (or if you’re like me and you’re all about that zen life but love lay-ins just a little bit more; wake up later and do your own yoga once everyone else has gone!).

Yoga retreat maldives

If you’re going to live in the lap of luxury, even if it’s just for a week, you’ve got to push the boat out and visit the island spa too. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a massage and listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, especially when those soothing water sounds are actually coming from the lagoon right beneath you in one of the spa’s water villas and you can even watch the fish swimming through the coral around the wooden stilts during your session.

Luxury water villas luxury travel the maldives

As part of my trip, I also visited Sri Lanka. If you want to read more about my time seeing elephants in Sri Lanka, check out my post Where to See Wild Elephants in Sri Lanka.

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