WARNING! If you’re more of a dog person then look away now, this post contains some serious cat lady photos!


If you follow me on social media then you are probably more than aware that I am the (slightly overly proud) owner of two  tabby/ torby sisters named Maggie and Attie (after one of my favourite authors Margaret Atwood – you were warned about the crazy cat lady tendencies). This troublesome twosome bring me endless joy with their synchronised cat-napping and ridiculous feline antics.


I have to admit, I’m not a very organised pet owner and find myself seemingly in a constant state of being down to the last couple of sachets of cat food and having to don my rucksack, walk to nearest shop and bulk-buy the next stash, usually earning myself a few jokey comments from the shop staff in the process – as if cat food and diet coke isn’t what they normally see in everyone’s baskets.

When the lovely guys over at petshop.co.uk asked if I’d like to review their online shopping and delivery service I almost bit their hands off! Would I like to trial what it’s like to have someone bring me a bulk order of cat food to my door and not only save  on the effort but also the cat lady jokes too??? Why yes, thank you I would love that!



My delivery included a 3kg bag of the Purina One dry cat food, a selection of Almo Nature’s Jelly pouches and a packet of Dreamies cat treats. I’ve previously given Maggie and Attie the Purina dry food before because, of course, one of them loves wet food and one of them loves dry food so I like to give them a mixture of both (I tend to give them less wet food if I also give them the Purina though because it’s a complete cat food and is probably more calorie dense than regular cat biscuits).

Maggie loves the dry cat food so much she felt she could get involved in my picture taking!

Purina One Dry Cat Food

The Almo Nature products really interested me as, personally, I’m not a fan of the mass meat-farming industry and choose not to eat most forms of meat myself but didn’t really think that there was much choice in what’s available for pets (certainly not from mainstream supermarkets anyway). The Almo Nature chicken pouches are hormone free and definitely resemble actual meat a lot more than anything I’ve ever seen come out of a packet of cat food before. The girls certainly consumed the contents of the pouches at the same rate as they have with everything else I’ve ever put in front of them before so it passed that test too.

Almo Nature petshop.co.uk

I really like that petshop.co.uk do little summaries for a lot of the brands and products that they sell to give you a really clear idea of what you are buying for your pet, especially as they have a lot of variety on their site too.

Lastly, if you’ve ever bought Dreamies before then you’ll know that they are like crack for cats and that your pet will behave in a way that is not dissimilar to the cat in their advert; I’m pretty sure Attie licked the ground where the Dreamies had been after I broke into this packet. From experience they’re also a great weapon for coaxing the cats into their basket when you need to take them to the vets!


Being able to do an online pet food shop in the same way that you can shop online for all your human needs is definitely very convenient; I seem to spend too much of my life in pet shops and supermarkets purchasing food, flea treatments and endless collars! petshop.co.uk is exactly what its web address would lead you to believe, an online pet shop that actually stocks a wide variety of food, treats, medicines and accessories for all different types of animals. They even offer a ‘bottomless bowl’ service where you can have your chosen products ‘auto reordered’ at regular intervals so that you don’t get yourself into my situation of having to change out of your pjs on a Sunday morning to run to the corner shop for a stock up of emergency cat food; I think I will personally be giving that option a go with the next round of flea treatments because that definitely not something I’d ever want to run out of.

As you can see Maggie and Attie are two very happy cats who have been enjoying all of the food and treats that they received. Has anyone else tried out petshop.co.uk? I’d love to hear everyone else’s opinions on their service.

If you’re not totally sick of all of my cat photos then you can follow me on Instagram @yesihaveablog or search for the tag #MaggieandAttie  to keep up with their feline frolics.


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