Life Was Meant For Good Friends

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures

‘Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.’

If you’ve read much of my blog, or even had more than a five-minute conversation with me you will probably know a few things: firstly that Summer 2014 I went on a big old journey across America and secondly that it was one of the best damn experiences of my life.

Like many 20-something-year-olds I decided to take some time out of full-time employment to go travelling and gain a little head space so I could work out who I was and what I wanted (all very spiritual and meaningful). That adventure I had certainly kindled my love of travelling and exploring but it also helped to really give me much more confidence in myself and my ability to rely upon myself.

Obviously during my travels I hoped I would meet some like-minded people along the way and generally have a good time, what I didn’t expect was that I would meet people that I would still have a connection with almost a year and a half later.

Trek America reunion London

So far our little gang has met up about 3-4 times since all returning home to Britain; each reunion has been in a different location in an attempt to explore each other’s home ground. So far we’ve convened in Brighton, Southend, Norwich and most recently London.

Trek America Mount Rushmore

Our little gang of travellers met in New York and set off to explore some of the well-known sights in America as well as discover landscapes less travelled. During our adventure we camped our way across the country except for when we were in major cities where we stayed in hostels; there’s nothing quite like having to set up and dismantle a campsite on a daily basis to get you bonding as a group.

Trek America Reunion

As much as we enjoy meeting up and spending time with each other I think our reunions keep a little spark of adventure and freedom alive when most of us have settled back into full-time employment, studies and our every day lives. I have so many great memories and I love being able to relive them with the group that I created them with.

I just hope we might be able to have another big adventure together in the future.

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