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As a writer, a traveller and sometimes even a travel writer, I find that inspirational travel quotes (as well as extensive trawling of the internet to seek out which destination I’ll explore next) are what keep my hunger for adventure and wanderlust-spirit alive, even when I’m not on the road. The best and most inspiring travel quotes bring all those wonderful memories flooding back to you and re-light that intrepid fire in your belly.

Living in the UK, on the edge of Europe,  has always had the added benefit of allowing you to travel, sometimes just a few hundred miles (instead of a few thousand), to experience a completely different landscape and culture. As a kid growing up (and still to this day) I have been fortunate enough to have family that lived elsewhere in Europe that I got to go visit during my school holidays. Perhaps because of this – as well as there being so many amazing places to see in Europe – I never ventured away from my own continent until last year, at the age of 24.


‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’ – Susan Sontag


Whilst there are still so many wonderful places left for me to explore closer to home, I have begun to cast my wanderlust net a little wider and aim to go everywhere… or at least as many places as I can squeeze into my lifetime!

If you would like to read more about my adventures in Europe then you can explore all of the destinations I’ve written about under my Europe Travel category.

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