DIY Handmade Wedding Favours

DIY Wedding Favours

These past few weeks I’ve been working on a secret project; two of my wonderful friends got married on Friday and my mother and I wanted to contribute something a little special to their day (not being any good at singing or performing it turned into a little craft project instead of a spectacle). My mum wanted to be in charge of arranging the wedding favours for the guests and I “cleverly” suggested that it would be extra lovely if we set about hand making them all.

Mum chose to give out little sugared almonds as the favours because, in Greek tradition, you give them to represent things that you wish for the married couple to have in their marriage (luck, fortune, fertility etc.). You also give an odd number of almonds to represent the indivisibility of the couple.

Knowing what we wanted the favours to be, it then only seemed fitting that we hand make the pouches that the almonds would be gifted in, we also created little cards that went with them to explain what they represented.

Purple sewing machine

Good thing I had my trusty purple sewing machine ready and waiting to tackle the job.

hand made wedding favours

I found a printable template for the size of envelopes/ pouches that we wanted make and once we had decided what sort of material we were going to use, mum got the job of cutting them all out –Top tip: mum used her pinking shears (which give that zigzag edge) to stop the material from fraying too much. I then had the mammoth task of hemming all of the afore-mentioned edges of each piece of material.

,Once that was all done I was able to start folding them up to create the envelopes and used a safety-pin to hold them all together. Because of the type of thick material we were using, coupled with the size of the end product, we decided that stitching them together into their final shapes was going to be a bit too tricky and instead decided to fasten them with fabric glue. The fabric glue actually worked really well as it held all of the layers of the envelope together and dried completely clear so that it wasn’t visible either.

handmade wedding favours

Once the glue had dried we needed to create a fastening for the envelopes so that they would stay shut; metal poppers could have worked but we decided that colourful buttons and little ribbon loops would look best. Mum’s new kitchen table quickly became the work station for sewing everything on and getting the ribbon glued into place.

The envelopes we created would work perfectly for any small favours or gifts that you would want to give out at a special occasion because you can choose whatever material you like to make them out of to suit your own theme. They could even be great for adding a hand made touch to anything like Christmas or birthday presents.

Hand stamped wedding favours

When you’re not quite sure that you’ve created enough work for yourself… why not try hand stamping individual lettering to finish off the favour!

As I mentioned earlier we also wanted to add a little card in with the favours to explain to the guests what they meant. Mum purchased some very sweet cream coloured tags which I then hand stamped with the initials of the bride and groom. We also stuck a short explanation of what the almonds represented onto the back of each card and finally added some silver heart shaped and horse shoe charms, finishing each tag with a mini glass evil eye bead for good measure.

Handmade material envelopeda

Et voila! The finished favours.

Handmade fabric envelopes diy wedding favours

There’s nothing very complicated about anything that we did to make these favours as it only took pretty basic sewing and assembling skills, it’s more creating them on such a large scale that is the tricky thing. We started weeks ago to make sure we had time to find everything we needed (be that online or in local shops) as well as giving ourselves plenty of time to have a few practise goes before starting the real things.

As I said you can use virtually any material to make these (so long as it can take being put through a sewing machine) and can customise them to fit in with your own colour scheme or a particular theme that your event may have.


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