DIY Hanging Travel Photo Display

How to display travel photos by creating your own beautiful and creative hanging photo display for your wall.

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What to do with Travel Photos

If you’ve been collecting memories everywhere you go then you’re going to need somewhere to display them with pride

Sometimes I feel almost overwhelmed by all of the beautiful mementoes that I have from my adventures I have no idea how to make the most of them and just end up leaving them to collect dust in the drawers of my writing desk.

Well, after a recent spring clean and redecoration of my room I finally got my butt into gear and turned the newly available space into a hanging photo display for all the amazing experiences I’ve had over the last year.

Follow my simple steps below to create your own.

Step 1 – Choose a Space

Once you know what sort of “canvas” you’re working with then you can plan what best fits the space.

I knew I wanted to create some sort of hanging photo display with my travel pictures and initially thought I would hang them over my bed. However, on second thought, I decided they were in danger of being knocked about too much so I opted for the wall next to my writing desk instead.

Step 2 – Create a Photo Theme

Like I mentioned before, it can be difficult to decide which pictures deserve to make the cut for your photo display and, short of wallpapering your entire room with your travel snaps (which is another great idea), it can be a good idea to decide on a theme for how you want your photo display to look.

My finalised idea for my hanging wall display was to create a timeline of the destinations I visited on my American road trip using the photos and postcards I collected along the way.

DIY hanging photo wall display wanderlust memorie keepsakes

I used damage-free hooks and strips, brown bakers twine and these adorable miniature wooden pegs to create my photo display.

I found everything I needed on Amazon for really low prices (I think the total cost was less than £10). This method also meant that I didn’t have to drill into my wall to create the display – ideal for anyone that rents and can’t put up anything permanent on their walls.

I’ve also still got plenty of everything left over and I thought I could create a vertical version of the photo display that could be hung behind my writing desk and be filled up with mementoes from my non-American trips.

Step 3 – Travel Photos and Memories

How to display travel photos | Yesihaveablog | DIY hanging photo display | Wanderlust |

This hanging display is also so great because, like with mine, you don’t just have to use it for just photos. It works perfectly for postcards, letters and even tickets from your travels (just be sure to check the weight limit of your damage free hooks first).

If you are looking for something a little more heavy-duty, then you can get different hooks for heavier items. Try something different; you could put up a large frame first and then create your photo display within it; there’s certainly plenty of options with this design.

Step 4 – World Map Wall Sticker

If a hanging photo display isn’t your thing then you can still create a wanderlust-worthy space with a feature display or wall.

World Map Wall Art | Yesihaveablog | Wall Stickers & Decals | DIY Travel Photo Display

A wall decal/ vinyl is another great low-cost, non-permanent way to celebrate your travel memories (purchased from Icon Wall Stickers).

This one I needed a little assistance with to get it onto the wall (I think a few nations might have lost some of their teeny tiny islands in the process… sorry about that guys!).

Try placing pictures around the map to mark where you’ve been on your travels. If you ever get bored with the wall sticker (unlikely) all you have to do is run a hairdryer over it and apparently it can be easily removed damage-free.

Step 5 – Fill Up Those Blank Spaces

The best thing about these creative photo displays is that you can build on them, change them and grow them with every new memory you make.

Step 6 – Enjoy those memories

Sit back and relive all the wonderful memories you’ve made and displayed!

It certainly seems to have got the approval of this little one.

Sitting Tabby Cat

Show me the photo displays you’ve created from your wanderlust keepsakes.


Follow these simple steps from to create your very own diy hanging travel photo display and other wanderlust inspired decor
Yesihaveablog's guide to wanderlust and travel inspired home decor. Create your very own DIY hanging travel photo display or turn your bedroom wall into a wanderlust shrine with a metallic gold map of the world.





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