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Hi, I’m Phoebe and yes, I have a blog.

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I created this little corner on the internet back in 2012 to keep my passion for writing alive after graduating from university.

Originally captioned ‘yes I have a blog and no, I don’t have a career‘ it has, like me, taken on many guises and grown in many ways.

Throughout it all: world-wandering, career-seeking and wordsmith-ing, I have realised that I have been sincerely seeking inspiration. Whether that has been inspiration to write, inspiration to travel or even inspiration to improve my own wellbeing; it has been a real driving force for me over the years.

Amongst (many) other things, I’m a Norfolk native, a houseplant hoarder and a content creator. Writing for me is as much about the joy of putting pen to paper as it is curating words. I have notebooks spilling out of my writing desk, stuffed into various backpacks and propping up the pillows on my bed; it is my firm belief that no writer should be without their stationery. Because of this, I can often be found binding my own notebooks with my reconditioned Singer sewing machine and selling my wares in my Etsy shop.

Join me as I seek the poetry of everyday life in the fine city of Norwich, wander the world in search of travel tales (both awkward and spellbinding) and create things that bring me joy over at The Writing Room.

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Other things that are important to note about me: Jurassic Park is my favourite film…ever, I’m struggling to keep my ‘Burros’ sedum alive, Margaret Atwood is my hero and I really like cats.

If you would like to discuss any of this further, please email me at yesihaveablog[at]gmail[dot]com or use the form on my contact page.



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